Recording and Production Facilities

I operate a purpose built recording and production studio in my hometown of Brisbane, Australia.  I regularly work for agency's, composer's, producers and production company's locally. I also work remotely via Source Connect or Skype for my interstate or overseas clients.

With emphasis on recoding world-class vocals I have selected the highest quality audio equipment and components to ensure a pristine result no matter what the style or genre.

I run the latest ProTools HDX system coupled with  Universal Audio 2192 Master Audio Interface and George Massenburg GML 8300 and Avalon AD 2022  preamplifiers with a selection of classic tube, condenser and dynamic microphones. Through this we achieve the best possible technical performance and most flexible sounding final result.

I'm also able to source some of the best vocalists and musicians around to be able to cover practically any style and genre.

For more info please get in contact.